Slim. Strong. Insulated.

Thanks to these unique properties, architects can enjoy the freedom to incorporate large areas of glazing into their designs.

Ideal for new, contemporary designs, but also used to renovate historical buildings that do not meet today’s technological performance standards. Thanks to MHB’s profile systems, heritage buildings can be made future-proof while still maintaining their authentic character.

SL30 ISO lock system

System key features



T-shaped profile made of steel or brushed stainless steel with 30 mm - 1 1/4" sightline.
SL30-ISO® has a depth of 80 mm - 4" and allows double glazing for highly glazed panels. SL30-ISO-PLUS® has a depth of 100 mm - 3" and can be fitted with triple glazing for an even better insulation performance. 

Thermal insulation (according to EN 10077-1/2)

The total thermal insulation of a window or door is determined by the U-values for the profile and the insulated glass unit. 


Fixed glazing:

SL30-ISO® Ugl 1.1 Ugl 1.0  
1200 x 1500 mm Uw 1.32 Uw 1.21  
5000 x 2500 mm Uw 1.23 Uw 1.13  
SL30-ISO-PLUS® Ugl 0.9 Ugl 0.7 Ugl 0.5
1200 x 1500 mm Uw 1.11 Uw 0.93 Uw 0.75
5000 x 2500 mm Uw 1.03 Uw 0.84 Uw 0.65

ResizedImage259168 details SL30 ISO SL30 ISO PLUS cms EN

Wind and water tightness 

All MHB standard products meet as a minimum:
  • Class 4A - 150 Pa according to the EN 12208 norm for water tightness.
  • Class 4 according to the EN 12207 norm for wind tightness.
Naturally MHB can guarantee higher maximum performance values (up to 1200 Pa) based on European standards and certification on a project specific basis. 
Water drainage
Thanks to the fully integrated water drainage system and superior sealing components, perfect wind and water tightness is achieved without any visible openings or rain caps.

Divided lites and glass stops


Glass stops

The following glass stops are available:
- Aluminum L-shaped glass stops with no visible connections
- Aluminum triangular glass stops
- Steel L-shaped glass stops with visible connections


Divided lites 

TDL - True Divided lites  
The window is divided into several smaller glass panels separated by steel profiles.

TDL Glaslattenen roedes EN


SDL - Simulated Divided lites 
Muntins are placed on both sides of the glass panel. This solution offers better insulation and it increases the stability for casement windows.


Glaslatten en roedes EN 2

SL30 ISO-insulated steel profile - project Loo

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