Sustainability & Social Responsibility


Sustainability & socially responsible entrepreneurship: MHB's key concepts 

Windows, doors and facades are critical components for sustainable buildings. MHB provides intelligent designs and technological innovation for outstanding Eco-results.
Corporate sustainability and social responsibility are important themes that have a major impact in the development of our products: low energy costs for our customers, sustainable materials (100% recycled steel) and very little waste results. Each year, a even more sustainable production is our goal.   

How do we do it?

Steel, our core material, is an extremely sustainable product. Not only can it be recycled (100%) but it is also extremely suitable for up cycling. In short, a material that typically fits into the cradle-to-cradle philosophy. These principles are obviously extended to our factory. Our workshops are equipped with floor heating which draws warmth from deep under the ground and - in the near future - from the chimney of the drying ovens. 

Our Products

With more than 75 years of experience in steel facades, we place a strong focus on innovative solutions. The result is a range of products with superior characteristics in terms of thermal insulation, wind and waterproofing. Thanks to the qualities of steel we create very thin yet strong and durable profiles. Completely wind and water tight, they reach insulation values few others are able to match. The core feature of the Insulated Slim Line system is the thermally broken steel profile with glass fibre reinforced insulator. The thermal break allows insulation values matching the latest technology standards.  The SL30-ISO® and Classic-ISO® systems allow to design highly energy-efficient buildings or to renovate heritage buildings which will meet today’s energy-saving standards.

Cradle to cradle

The MHB profiles are produced for 100% out of recycled steel and after decades of use the steel can be reclaimed for new facade profiles. Steel profiles are also very sustainable as they do not require a lot of energy to be produced, much less than for aluminium profiles for instance.

Eco friendly product

When designed and produced well, steel facades, windows and doors have an extremely long life expectancy. The type of surface treatment plays a crucial role in its preservation. Powder coating is the best method to preserve the profiles. No need to repaint, no use of detrimental cleaning products. MHB high surface treatment standards ensure a long lasting and environment friendly solution. 

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