MHB: Pure slim steel windows and doors since 1938!

More light!
“More lightwith- magnificent  steel windows and doors that really do let in more light through the super slim-line steel thermo-insulated profiles (the most slim-lined profiles in the world!) that we developed in-house.  Aesthetic and superior features - in the field of thermo-insulation and wind and water - have resulted in our products being delivered over the whole world.

“More light” also stands for sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship. These important themes influence the way we develop our products: low energy cost for the client; sustainable material (100% recycled steel) and very little waste are the result.  Every year we set out to achieve further improvements in the sustainability of our production process.

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Slim and strong

MHB developed two very slim profile systems:

The SL30-ISO profile system for windows, doors and facades. Steel thermally insulated profiles with a sightline of 30mm, and with great performances on wind-and watertightness. With hidden water drainage.

The Classic ISO profile system.  These thermally insulated steel profiles have the same dimensions as the historical classic steel profiles. Like the SL30-ISO with thermal insulation and a excellent wind-and watertightness.

We also developed fire resistant doors and partitions on the basis of the SL30-profile, so sightlines not wider then 30 mm. Fire resistance up to 116 minutes is achieved according to the European fire resistance standard EN1634-1.

Fire safety

MHB has a separate business group for fire resistant glazed framed doors and partitions. Thanks to many years of innovation we have a leading position in the market with our patented solutions for special locking systems which ao provide quiet fire resistant doors, strong electrical locks.etc